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I took care of my mother for 14 years before she passed I was physical and mental abused I live with her for ten years got my own place and my other siblings never helped they see her h
once in a blue moon after ten years I said it was. Their turn to take care of her they never knew of the abuse ithey were really mad at me but didn't care I needed my freedom even having my own apartment my siblings didn't really step up I still have take her places and take care of her when she was sick and I worked and I was still be abused physical and mental

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???????????????? Is your mother alive or dead? Your diction on your situation makes it confusing to understand what you are saying.
My mother has been dead for six years im saying that you can't tell anyone because they will not believe you they all think the elderly never do anything like that you always.hear the caregiver abusing them but in last year of my mother's life she went at my sister she tried to punch her in theface
So sorry you had to go through all that. It is over and you survived. Just let it all go and enjoy your life. Best wishes.
Cosmo, you sound like you might need some medical care tonight. Go the ER at the hospital if you are extremely upset or take taken something. I'm concerned about how you are doing right now.
I, too, am very sorry for what you went through. Most of us on this site do understand that elders can be very cruel to their sons and daughters who are their caregivers.

Is there some particular reason you are thinking of this now? As vegaslady says, if you are feeling extremely upset right now, going to an ER is a good idea. I hope it helps just to talk about it here, but I also urge you to get some local help if this is a particularly bad night for you.
If affordable seek counseling. Sibs deny things...makes it easier for them. Take care of you now. Hugs.
I feel for you, I woke up this morning and the first thing on my mind was one fo the completely insane situations I now find myself in because of the refusal of siblings to "get it" when it comes to the demands of caregiving...they are selfish, greedy, insensitive and totally clueless....and I think it all stems from just wanting to believe if they deny it it does not or did not happen...I hope you can find a calming in your life now and just try to remember you did all you could for your Mom...I'm so sorry you are going through this again....and please if you need help do go to the ER...and let us know how you are doing.
Thanks everyone it helps me to know I'm not alone I have been seeing a counselor for five year its helping me get through this and other problems I just wanted to go on this site to see what other people went through with their elderly parent
There are a lot of people here who can relate to MANY things you have experienced. They will write and help you deal with a lot.
Mental and physical abuse are very hard things to deal with and it sounds like you had a rough time. You are hurt and sometimes it is hard to think about al that we've been through.
You were strong in finally asking your siblings to step in and help, even though you still had to do things for your mother. You did what you knew was the right thing. Please continue to be strong and keep getting the counseling. And please, if you feel like it is too much to handle today, promise us that you will call someone to talk to or go to the ER. WE CARE ABOUT YOU.
You are not ever alone. You are loved.

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