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I found out one of my Moms friends told her it was okay to try and go off her medication this women is religious seven day Adventist I finally found out where my Mom hid her medications she still would not take her medication, till she spoke to her friend so I cleaned my Mom up and drove down to this lady's house I ask her where does it say in the bible you can not take medication I was so mad but kept my cool she started to throw this bullshit bible crap the way she interpreted it and I said my Mom is very sick look at her, you see my Mom she is practically falling over and peeing herself she changed her tune right then and there I gave my Mom her medications I had them with me and some pudding and boost! what a week not funny I wrote letters to the doctors my Mom's and step dads phone social worker, slept beside my Mom last night helping her to the washroom and she wanted me there with her because she thinks she's going to hell so much is going on too long of a story now next week case manager is coming in! Thank God!!


Oh, my goodness. A part of my family is fundamental Baptists. I can tell you firsthand that there is no point in trying to logic. It is because what they believe is from God, so it cannot be wrong. However, you can do damage control with your mother. Perhaps she will understand that God often works through people and that doctors are those who have the special gift of healing and keeping her healthy as possible. That might make your mother feel better about complying with her doctor's orders and prescriptions. Let us know how it goes.
Well now she is having bad thoughts against god she told me she is going to hell because she said God Dammit in her head she said that she asked for forgiveness and keeps praying and is very upset so I reassured her and told her it is just a thought and you are feeling guilty and God is loving and forgives I have been reassuring her all day this is dementia they obsess about certain things or thoughts so sad my poor Mom!
Is the obsessing a new symptom? Her doctor may be able to help with that. Please make sure you tell him; give him a call on Monday.

I told the doctor and wrote two letters and they phoned to have my Mom come in but she won't so they can't do anything and her husband is loosing his memory big time!
I am so sorry for these troubles. Did your mom ever go to a church or feel part of religious group? If she belonged to a different denomination or religion than her so-called friend, might it help to remind her of what her beliefs used to be? Would she like a visit from a pastor or priest or rabbi or ... whatever she was used to in her past, to assure her that god loves her, understands her disease, forgives her, and has a place for her in heaven? (Or whatever beliefs she used to have and that might be comforting.)

And, gosh, I hope you can keep her away from that "friend" who is causing her hellish pain right now!
Thank you all for your advice it is so much appreciated. My Mom's husband is forgetting or he's playing an evil game I contacted his doctor wrote two letters and he said he would bring him in for blood work and whatever but his doctor said I DIDN'T REALIZE YOUR MOTHER HAD PARKINSON'S i was so mad but didn't say a word because my Mom and I seen him a few months back and told his doctor what was going on!

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