It's been a month and a couple of days.


I haven't been on, i thought i would. But it is still so very hard. I cried and cried and cried when daddy died. After the dust had settled. I still cried profusely for 3 weeks. Still am periodically. But its getting better. I am proud of what i was able to accomplish. I never ever thought i would have been able to handle all the funeral and planning as calm as i did. It went smoothly. I would like to still be a part of this group. But, as the caregiver to daddy. It is still fresh. Thinking of you all, hang in there. Your stronger than you think you are!

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My mother died a month and a half ago. I was crying for the last year and a half while she was on Hospice. Every time I would talk to her I would tear up knowing that it could be the last time I would talk to her. When she passed, I cried every time I thought about her. The only thing that helped me was our Celebration of Life was a month after her death. We were waiting for my daughter and her family to arrive from Argentina, so I was over the constant tears in my eyes.

Do not leave this site. Your caregiving experience can help someone just starting out.

Better to cry than to hold it all in and get sick or have a heart attack. Let it go, let it flow.

Lots of folks stay on the forum after loved ones have died. It's good to talk, share, and help others with your experience. Stay with us.

my3kidsok I still have big bawling fests. Its been almost 3 mths. since Mom died.
I try to not cry and then it just comes out in buckets. Reverse psychology I guess. Try to not do something and thats all you want to do. Probably why diets don't work.

I have kept posting cause it seems to help me with the grief. You guys all understand. More than my own siblings it seems.

my3kidsok when you are ready to come back we will all be here. If you want to private message me and talk please do. Maybe we can help each other.

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