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My mother in law and I have POA of her 98 year old mother. One of her granddaughters stole money from her in the past and now has taken her to a lawyer and made out a new will. Grandma (98) has alzheimers and has had it for a few years and the past year she has really gotten bad. Grandma is not of her right mind to be signing anything! But yet this lawyer let her. What would be the best way to go about letting this lawyer know that he and the granddaughter had no right to do this! Grandma has lived with me for over a year and this granddaughter never calls to see how she is or even take her anywhere. And the couple times she did they took her to a lawyer to do this. And it had upset grandma a lot and she told us one day that they were taking her and she told them she didn't want to go. The poor thing dose not have much and what she dose have is hers to have fun with till she is no longer able to. When we had to move grandma out of her apt. they cleaned her out of things she still wanted. And even when she had asked for the things back they would not give them to her. I don't want anything from this poor woman. All I wanted to do is give her a warm home to spend what time she has left. And grandma has one daughter living that she has told me over and over since she has been here that she wants her daughter to have whatever she has left when she's gone. We don't know for sure what in all they had gotten grandma to sign. But I would think that it could not hold up since she was said to be disabled a few years back. It just makes me sick that people can be like this and the woman is still here!! I can just imagine what its going to be like when she is gone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


If she has been diagnosed with alzheimers, I believe the new will is invalid. I would call protective services immediately and find out what steps you can take to keep these vultures away from the poor woman. Her final days should not be spent around these toxic people.
I hope that they invalidate the new will and put a restraining order on these deceitful people. Also, since you have the PoA, please keep an eye on any bank accounts and should be the only signer.
Wow...I hope there is a hot rock in hell waiting for these creeps.
I agree with LIlliput. And yes.. I think this is elder abuse. I'm not a lawyer, but I would think that an elder lawyer would tell you just how to proceed! I would not allow this to go unnoticed!
Call the state bar association and ask what they recommend. Any attorney who would let a woman of this age sign something without a THOROUGH interview to determine her mental state is a CROOK!! A flat out CROOK!! You should also ask your local district attorney to look into the matter and consider pressing charges for elder abuse. If they cleaned out her accounts or have her income diverted to their own accounts without using it for her support, then it's definitely elder abuse. Some states have special investigators who specialize in elder abuse so if you don't get anywhere with the bar, try your state attorney general's office. Heck DO BOTH!! If the grand daughter took grandma against her will - even for a few hours - you could be really nasty and have her charged with kidnapping. I'm sure you don't want to go that far but those who play dirty pool only understand the same. This grand daughter is despicable; her behavior is reprehensible. She deserves to be charged with something even though she might not go to jail. If the authorities charge her and she's officially recognized as a louse with an indictment or probation, that might be all you can get.
Thanks so much for the advice! I just want them to leave her alone. They had her soooo upset about taking her there, all she kept saying was she didn't want to go. And that they kept asking her questions that she didn't remember what they had asked or even if she did sign anything! And what makes me the sickest is these people have money! Why can't they just let her enjoy the time she has. My mother in law takes her to bingo and the casino and she is so happy going there. This woman is not rich, but what she has is hers to spend the way she wants to. I don't want it, I'd rather see her be happy blowing every penny she has!
my mom fell a few days ago.she was taken to the hospital where they took xrays.
however i was not notified until the next day- why? stupid excuses-
it wasnt really bad,didnt want to bother u,stupid excuses-
when i finally saw her, she had,and still has a huge bruise on the inside of her arm, from a bit above the elbow area, down to her wrist.
it is very dark red/purple- like a big black and blue.and wide
now i know i can get overly emotional-so ive been told-
and i am not an md,so i dont know what a bruise from falling would look like,but i have worked in hospitalsand with children,and this bruise seems strange-it could be nothing- but has anyone ever experienced anything similar? mom doesnt want to talk about it and then she says she doesnt remember. i couldnt get any details about the fall-but is it a common thing to bruise your whole arm from falling/?
is is correct for a doctor to say, oh u can expect many more falls, thats what happens-i thought it would be better to say- lets find out how we can prevent her falls, since it is common in her situation- am i just being overly sensitve,again??.

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