Is it okay to pray for all the Caregivers and for all who are suffering?

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I pray for all the Caregivers and for Family Members. There is a beautiful, free site, non-commercial site: gratefulness where you can light a virtual candle in someone's name or for yourself and rest awhile. There are also other things available there including group prayer requests, ecards, word for the day, etc.
Just wanted to pass this information along to the members and hope it's in accordance with the rules. it Is a spiritual site open to all. Thank you.
Jackie J


Well, you can certainly pray for me. And my mom. And my aunt who is a year younger than my mom (a favorite of mine) who has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

There will always be those who won't want your prayers, but I'll take any help I can get :)
Thank You! Add me and my mother to the prayer list :)
please pray for my beans and boar steak . i used up all my table salt making mortar and seasoning these beans is going to be quite challenging .
and if it aint too much trouble , pray for me to meet a gal with small hands . i love canning wholesome foods but washing the mason jars is just not to be with these big a** hands of mine . ya see i cant use widemouth jars because the lids cost a buck more per dozen . these big hands wont fit down in those s*its either .
i need prayers going up but they have to come from somewhere else . one peep out of me and the lightning bolts become nonstop and unbearable .
Okay, done. Captain, I don't pray for those kinds of things. :). but I will pray for your health.
thought i might need some divine help there for a little while this am but na , my bread yeast is rising . it just takes longer on cold days . whew ..

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