International Care (Mexico). I was surprised at what I found.

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The time has come that we put him in a home. Our biggest hurdle is being able to afford this. We have done some research and found that living so close to the border that Mexico may be an option for us. We looked at a place called Residencia Lourdes Pacifica over the weekend and to my surprise I was very happy with what I found. It is a beachfront facility with everything included for a quarter of the price I would pay anywhere in Southern California. I have seen others say they have considered Mexico but was wondering if they knew anything of this place or anywhere in the Ensenada area. Please let me know. Thank you.


their web site says 7 bed facility, the original bldg is in downtown Ensenada with 15 beds & is totally Spanish speaking facility even that web site was in spanish
I think you'll get what you pay for.
Thank you very much.I did go and check it out and it was absolutely amazing! I wanted to let you all know that after making the trip down there which was as simple as could be, I was very satisfied with what I found, the facility, the care .. just everything. It looked like a vacation home more than a facility, when you entered you just felt a sense of being ¨¨home¨¨ with people who loved their job and loved the residents like it was their own family they were taking care of! The owner´s wife came by during my visit and had their small children with her and each of the children went to every single person their giving them hugs and love with drawings they had painted or some craft they made as if it were their own grandparents- I was so impressed with the volume of love felt within this place, I asked the director before I left if they might find room for me as well, he just laughed.

I still plan to speak with some of the other residents families, right now each person there is from the US in the beachfront facility, the facility downtown has more Spanish speaking staff I believe which would most likely mean Mexican residents would be most comfortable there. However, the one I saw was owned and operated by American nurses who spoke only English so I was comfortable with that. I still have a lot to think about but if anyone has any experience in International care I would love to hear from you. Thank you again.
Hey there SLondon, I looked at the website which has wonderful English pages and was impressed as well. Love that you went down there and while I was looking at the website I thought that I would like to be able to spend my 'home stretch' in such a nice place too. Good luck and I hope you will keep us posted.
Yes the Beach Home would be a beautiful place to live out your life - Good Luck
Maybe all retired seniors should move to Mexico and use their United States SSI pensions dollars on goods and services in a more senior friendly foreign country. Pretty sad when a third world nation can provide the same kind of care for the elderly at a fraction of the cost then in the United States.
The idea that US care is wonderful is just that: an idea, in fact, an illusion, perpetrated to allow political cover for the scandalous profits and poor service that is the standard in US!!!!
I live in Maryland we have a veterans home, wonderful facility, my husband can't afford to go there as his cost would be approx. $6000 a month, oh they will give him $90 spending money, we would have to co pay on all his meds there at $29 per med. they leave the spouce enough to pay for necessities & the co pays come out of her end. Not all states are like that, WV about $2000 a month in a state of the art facility. what gives, got to be an easier way. yes senior care here is truly an illusion.
On top of the stress of providing care for this "nightmare" disease, there is always the underlying dread of what will I do when I can't do this anymore? My husband has dementia - he's 62, I'm 67. As of right now, my health is fine. Our estate would not be large. He was fired three years ago because of his failings at work. How do I pay for his care and have anything left for myself. A doctor told me a few weeks ago that my husband could live for decades. I just keep telling myself that I'll deal with it when it happens. Maybe I'll win the lottery!
Looks like we are going to go with the home Residencia Lourdes Pacifica in Mexico just waiting on some family members to get back to me with referrals .. I will keep you all posted. Thanks for the support and have a great day!

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