Injured due to a fall in ICU.

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while in ICU for brain bleed and stroke, my mother got out of her bed looking for a bathroom slipped and hit her head again on the floor. I find this to be disturbing. She is having another CAT scan now.


Lozada, does she have dementia? She will continue to get out of bed if she doesn't remember where she is. Does she have someone sleeping nights with her at the hospital? You may want to consider it and the hospital may require it. Not at all uncommon. Staff have many patients to attend to they cannot watch her all the time.

I am sorry your mom is having such a difficult time. This is always hard to see them declining.

Lozadaah1015, sorry to read that your mother is going through that... unfortunately it is normal for an elder to wake up confused where they are yet they feel the need to use the bathroom, get up, and fall. Same thing could happen at home, too.

While my Mom was in the hospital recently, she kept trying to get out of bed for whatever reason but she forgot that she couldn't walk or even stand. The hospital brought in "sitters" to watch my Mom and her hospital room-mate who also kept trying to get out of bed.

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