Informing siblings about Mom's status.

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Did you mean to search the site for general advice on how to go about this, or did you have a particular question?
I read online that has a way for me to write one rmail and then forward to siblings is this correct
Yes, now that you mention it, I think it is.

If you look to the top right of the margin, where there are dialogue boxes for News Feed, Edit Account, Activity, Tools, Following and Help Center: I think the app you want is under Help Center. I'll go and check and come back to you.
Hm. That's funny, I can't find the tool I was looking for. I've submitted an enquiry form to AC and I'll let you know what they say. Sorry for the confusion, bear with me.
Sorry, bad news - apparently there was one but very few people were using it so they removed it. Yikes. I hate to be saying "there's no demand…" when clearly you are demanding it!

There must be an app for this somewhere online though, surely? Anyone know who enjoys a more harmonious relationship with smart phones than I do?
Thanks Countrymouse for informing us about this. I'm working with our team to see if we can bring this back or some sort of version of this. In the interim, here is the outline of what the care report asked if you'd like to make your own version.

This Care Report is about _________.

Mood: Bad---------Good (Ranking 1 = Bad 10 = Good) Notes________
Finances: Bad--------Good Notes___________
Mobility: Bad--------Good Notes___________
Memory: Bad--------Good Notes___________
Eating: Bad--------Good Notes___________
Sleeping: Bad--------Good Notes___________
Thank you
Or you could consider starting a Caring bridge site for your mom. You could communicate updates about your mom with as many people as you share the link with. Caringbridge is a wonderful organization I can't say enough good things about the service they provide when a loved one is seriously ill or injured.
Thank you

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