I need info regarding POA for mother. Sister is named in trust as being person in charge of making medical decisions.

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Sister is non communicative regarding mother's banking account and she is making unilateral decisions with regard to taking out lines of credit. Mother needs 24 hour care as she is not mobile and also has some dementia. I would like to get POA and wonder if i should do this to control sister. Mother could possibly agree to it. Sister on account with mother but that was only meant to help pay bills not take out lines of credit etc.

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Taking out lines of credit in your mother's name seems to be an abuse of the trust. If your mom assigns you as POA for financial purposes, you should be able to take your sister's name off the account. Much depends on how advanced your mother's dementia is. Does she understand what your sister is doing? You may need the advice of an estate attorney or elder law attorney.
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