Pulmonary bleeding; indoor air quality and inspection.

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My mother has severe emphysema and chronic idiopathic pulmonary bleeding which is not resolvable according to the pulmonologist, but manageable with coughing and clearing. There is no infection in her lungs based on extensive testing.
We are looking into having an inspector inspect the house since it is older, overly weatherproofed (I think) and certain family members have frank allergies at the house and won't stay there. The pulmonologist doesn't think air quality is an issue, at least for my mom. We want to make sure air quality is not compromising her condition or comfort, and also make sure that people are comfortable in the house so they are comfortable visiting and staying over.
We don't use strong cleaning chemicals, we do have a cat, we have central air, and the house was recently professionally cleaned, so the problem seems to be pervasive and is long-standing.
Does anyone have experience with indoor air quality issues and COPD, have ideas for getting a second opinion from another pulmunologist regarding irritants, any experience with pulmonary bleeding and resolution of such problem, or any related ideas....


We had a building in our city that made every one that worked there sick. It was the license branch. They had to move to a different building. I would definitely have it checked. Asbestos was used in most older buildings/homes.
Good luck with that one. I have recently researched a lot about the indoor air pollution thing and found great "government cover-ups" to keep us in the dark and cause grave illness and death. They call us all "useless Eater". If you don't believe it...look it up. It is everywhere. Scary but the truth. Many Blessings. Namaste.
Next question: Respiratory therapy...

My mother has severe emphysema. Does anyone have experience with respiratory therapy...one program through the hospital my mom went to focused on overall physical exercise. Is it possible to find an RT who can develop exercises, positions, and postures, specifically for my mother's symptoms, and specific lung conditions, (partially collapsed R middle lobe, bleeding which is cleared with coughing) to optimize her functioning and comfort------not only adjust oxygen levels.
We are in Wisconsin. There is no RT available through her skilled nursing facility where she is short-term (and then going home or to nursing home).
Thanks for any experience with RTs (or nurses) who can provide personalized comprehensive treatment to improve quality of life and increase functioning.
Healthier household air is paramount for a family's good health. Children, infants and seniors are more susceptible to breathing ailments, colds and viruses. Poor quality air could be caused by an imbalance between the negative and positive ions found in all home environments. There is a permanent solution that continuously improves and maintains indoor air quality and removes odors, Air-ReNu a paint additive that only requires one application, works 7/24/365 year after year.

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