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My husband has Alzheimer's. He was diagnosed 2 years ago. He had been doing well until recently. One night he wet the bed. I bought a water proof mattress cover. He had not had another accident until yesterday. He is on a pain patch, plus takes heavy duty pain meds, which makes him constipated. His doctor put him on meds to help him go. The first night on the pills, he had an accident in bed. I want to buy him depends, but I'm not sure what type are the best for his situation. Any suggestions?


My Mom wears the women's Depends brand at night... They haven't leaked yet..
Yes the Depends for men will help. The L/XL will fit a waist anywhere from 38 to 64 inches. And get some baby butt wipes too.
My mom takes her depends off and then dribbles all the way to the hall bath. She rarely makes it and I usually don't find out till the next morning...argh...
Depends maximum absorbency briefs. They work overnight for mom. Hint: I bought a pair of professional blunt-on-one end scissors and cut them off her. Easy off. Not as easy on. But a big improvement. They make absorbent pads for beds that wick the moisture away and can be quickly thrown in the washing machine. I'd also suggest one of those for the few times he might leak through the brief.

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