Previous post about how to get someone to wear diapers. In that topic mostly what I heard was to not call diapers, diapers but to call them pads or briefs. As someone who is personally dealing with this myself I absolutely HATED dealing with incontinence. It is embarrassing and humbling. I did everything I could to avoid going back in diapers. When the agency sent people to help they were as persistent as possible to get me in diapers because, as much as I couldn't bear the thought of it I grew to know I had to. Bottom line is when they said to me "lets get a brief on you" I felt like they were talking down to me, as if I'm stupid. I know it's a diaper don't talk to me like I'm not understanding what's going on. My opinion is call it what it is and be understanding of the more important issue, and as an intelligent person who is dealing with this myself the large issue is understanding the whole pride issue for the person dealing with loosing their dignity. We know diapers are diapers don't talk to those of us like we are idiots because that's adding insult to injury. Call it what it is! Give us the respect we deserve but try to make the person understand it's what's got to be done plain and simple.

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I agree the pull ups are to be called pull ups. The one with tape tabs are diapers. I just feel as someone who clearly understands what's going on to call diapers "briefs" is actually somewhat insulting to my intelligence. Briefs are what I used to wear.. Fruit of the Loom cloth boxers or briefs. What I wear now doesn't resemble briefs in anyway. I honestly feel if caregivers called it how it is, and instead focused on trying to convince people that wearing diapers is for the best under these situations it'd go over easier than trying to be politically correct. People appreciate the truth and calling it how or what it is.

Mom calls them her Depends or her Prevails. They are actually panties, with an elastic waist. Now them come in pastels. Did I wear them? Yes, after my knee replacement, for about 4 months. They were comfortable even on hot days.

I think each person has to feel their own way through this. People are all different. You seem like an intelligent person who just has trouble with incontinence. I personally call the products by their names, eg. Tena, Depends. No matter what I call them, though, my mother won't wear them. She says they are uncomfortable. It isn't surprising since she has always preferred to go commando. I keep a pack or Tena pads or some adult diaper around, however, just in case she changes her mind. It hasn't happened. To her, washing pajamas and towels is preferable. So I call the undergarments "unopened packages."