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my mother who is 87 yrs old suffers from incontinence. She has to wash her sheets everyday, wears pads and has a large one on her bed, but still wets through all of it. What can be done and is there something we can buy to keep her dry through the night?


I went to the mail order catalog called Dr. Leonard. I got mom large waterproof pads that tuck under the mattress so that they don't move or shift. They are wide and go across the bed and tuck under both sides. Works like a charm. Mom is 88 and is incontinent too. We put disposables and pads on her all day long and night as well. She is not allowed to get out of bed during the night. Sometimes she is really wet, but the bed is not. We also put the pads on her chair and wheelchair too. Get extras as we put one under the bottom sheet as well as on top of the sheet.
After being with Mom in the hospital at all hours for four days, I saw how the nurses and caregivers do it. Wetting the bed is a given at those places, and they don't hesitate to change the Attends pads (look to be 3x3') without a second thought.

After the first incidence of bedwetting, where the protective pad didn't nearly do the job (used enzymes to handle the spill), I now use a combo of towels, ShamWows, disposable plastic lined pads and washable plastic absorbing pads. I strip what is wet and get it washed immediately, and there are usually a few other layers still dry to get through the night. Mom wears ultimate Poise pads and Depends pullon diapers (I just can't handle the wrap around kind, with her clothing in the way.

I now sleep next to her bed on couch, and if she's able and willing, I get her up in the middle of the night, with commode next to the bed. I do not let her pull down her own pants and underwear, and always try to wash her somewhat with that foamy cleaner. Sometimes she won't get up...and I just know I'll be doing laundry.

Guess there's a LINE one crosses, being willing to handle this. I seem to always stretch the line out there some more. I figure when it's poopy diapers...and she cannot get herself in and out of bed to the commode, then that's my limit. But who knows...
Oh, I adhere the various pads to each other and bedding with that wide packaging tape. It works pretty well. Perhaps will get those tuck in sheet/pads one day. But seems like we're throwing an awful lot of money into pee...washable pads, disposable pads, disp. diapers, paper towels, special soaps, hand sanitizers, gloves, and many loads of laundry....and now that packing tape.
If she is incontinent at night,you may encourage her to avoid drinks for two or three hours before going to bed. However, make sure that she drinks plenty of fluids during the day.
There are many types of garments on the market today from waterproof pants, with either washable or disposable inner pads, to disposable adult diapers. Diapers which contain gel material can hold more liquid than a fiber filled type, and some diapers are treated to remain odor-free for a period of time.
For nighttime incontinence, the bed should be protected by a rubberized sheet or pad. Those sold for use with infants can be used. A draw sheet consists of a regular sheet folded lengthwise with a plastic pad inside. This can be tucked in across the bed and if it becomes soled during the night, it can be removed and replaced without changing the whole bed.
Carol states, above, that:

"always try to wash her somewhat with that foamy cleaner."

Carol, could you be kind enough to share the name of that cleanser?

Thank you!
Medicare will cover disposable pads .... you need a Dr's script that needs a prior approval from Medicare. Most company's that sell these will ship them right to the home. If you think 3 a day is what she needs...then let the Dr. know that. They will also cover disposable gloves .. pad inserts & undergarments (pull up or tab sides...the pull up you'll be able to tear the side for easier changes). They all need prior approval...but its worth the effort. My mother has 2 disposable pads on her bed on TOP of the sheet...tuck her in tight...but not so tight so she can't move...this really helps keep the sheets dry. As long as it's medically necessary they will also cover a hospital bed. Good luck. I hope your Mom stays comfortable.
Did not know this. Calling the DR. tomorrow! Thanks
This is what they used at the hosp. and gave us the rest of the pump bottle. Bedside-Care Unscented Foam Bathing and Perineal Skin Cleanser. No rinse, foaming body wash, shampoo and incontinent cleanser
for full body bathing and Perineal cleanup.

Also, check out this comparison list of adult diapers. I went to the medical supply place near here to day and saw brand I hadn't recognized before. The samples they had out were pretty impressive, some with extremely thick quilting all the way around and up to waist.
I went to Joann's fabrics and bought a couple yds. of flannel water proof fabric. It's like I used for my babies when they were infants, only I got small pieces. Then I went on the internet to: Medical Supplies, Inc. and purchased there night time pads(green). It was worth it.
We have gone through a similar thing with our mother. We found that the Abena Abri-Form Level 4 diapers to be the most absorbent. The package says it has a capacity of 135oz for a size large. Hope this helps.

Not sure if you have checked into the Medicare or not, but it is my understanding that Medicare will not cover disposable incontinence product, but Medicaid will provided the doctor determines them to be medically necessary. Interested to know if you were able to be reimbursed through Medicare.

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