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I need advice Im currently a caregiver and I feel I'm being taken advantage of, My client has several Family members coming for a week long visit and told me I'll need to cook and clean for their Family while their visting, When I suggested that I need to ok this with my boss my client got very angry and told me if I didnt do these things for the Family then He would look for another caregiver that will. I know my responsibilityis to my help my client I just feel like the Family is taking advantage of my services. I informed my employer about this and was told to do what the client wants it just doesnt seem fair to me. Any advice is very much appreciated, Thank You


Well, it doesn't seem quite fair to me, either. But with family members there I suppose you will be doing less hands-on care for your client -- the family will see to that (maybe?). If cleaning is part of your services, then carry on as you have been. It is only a week.

Since it is what your boss wants you to do, apparently this is something the agency provides to clients. You could ask other agencies in your area to see what their policies are.

Is this something you would consider a job change over?
That was going to be my question also, Is this something you would consider a job change over..... I am an inhome caregiver, and have been with this family for a year and a half.. first of all they would not ask me to do this, and housework is part of my job decription... but I understand how you feel.... If it's not something you are willing to do, then it's time for a change .
Are you private care or do you work with an agency... I am private care... so I only have my own guidelines to I said, they would never ask me to do this, but if they did, I would be asking for extra money during that week.... just a suggestion....
I work for a company, my client also informed me the Family will be visiting more often and at times for a month or more at a time so this will become an on going thing. I'm expected to all my regular duties plus clean up after and cook meals for them as well but my pay won't change. My client said the Family considers this their vacation time and they wont be able to help.
Do you live there in the home of the client?
Do you have a specific number of hours per day or per week you have agreed to work for this client?
Are you paid on an hourly basis?
Do you get weekends off or are you expected to be in call 24/7?
There are labor laws, overtime pay for more than 40 hours per week, etc.
If you are paid to work 40 hours per week, than, unless you want to lose this job, than you probably are obligated to do what your client requests, as long as the duties are the same as you have been doing.
Don't forget, you are entitled to lunch and other breaks each day.
If you start working at 8 am, then you stop at 4 pm ( maybe 5 if your lunch hour is not normally included.
What is your company's policy on overtime/mandatory overtime, etc.
Aiding one client is not the same as aiding 4 or 5 or more.
Did you sign an agreement when you became employed by this company? If so, read it.
Given the info you have written down here so far, I do think you are being treated badly and unfairly. You are not a slave.
The company I work for leaves a caregivers responsibilities for me to follow its the same thing everyday and none of this has ever been mentioned to me and the client has never requested this before, the Family visiting is my clients children. I work 30 hours a week and get hourly pay my employer was unaware of this until I mentioned it I think they dont want to loose a client thats why they asked me to go ahead and do it, My boss is out of town so I talked to a manager and thats what she suggested I do. I dont live with my client I drive to his home everyday except weekends and Im never on call. I dont know why my clients children cant cook, clean-up and do their own laundry. I'm not their personal chef,maid or dry cleaner but my client feels this is things I should do for his children. Just seems wrong to me, But I dont want my employer to loose a client because I dont feel I should have to do this, I know I'll always have to everytime the children come to visit.
I think that you might give it a try for this one week. If it is a lot more work and stress for you, then you can give notice so the agency has a chance to find someone else and not lose the client. You can either ask the agency to place you in another situation or switch to a different agency. But give it a try for a week first.

Some things shouldn't change a lot. Vacuuming a carpet that eight people have walked on is not harder than vacuuming whe only one person has used the carpet. Dusting doesn't get harder when more people are there. Making a big pot of soup is not a lot harder than making a small pot of soup. But if you are used to assembling a light lunch for one or two people and now you are expected to put a meal together for several people, or to do more meals per day, that will make a difference in your work day. More loads of laundry will make a difference. Maybe the family will keep your client so occupied that you will have the extra time to do these tasks.

Try it for a week. Then discuss it with your boss.
It seems you are still upset about this new situation... the only suggestion I will make is, if in fact you decide to do this, make sure you keep your 'professional happy face' on... it will not bode well for you for the family to see you being resentful as they may then question the care thier family member is receiving.... you know you give good care, but they may only see your being upset at the extra please let us know how things go for you...
Oh, and is there a possiblity you could trade with someone who wouldn't mind doing this for a week????
I will post an update Im still undecided on my decision though.
So, here's what I would do:
I would make sure the client knows my hours (6 hours per day, 5 days per week, legal break times, etc.). No overtime unless paid for by the client.
Then, work your 6 hours every day and leave when your time is up.
If you are cooking, cleaning, etc. for several extra people, you will probably not have time to do everything you usually do. So be it. Do the jobs that are most important for your client's welfare. You can explain to the guests that you work in an hourly basis and must complete your normal duties before adding on any extras (if your time allows).
When the laundry piles up because you are now cooking for 6 people instead of one and can't finish all those piles of clothes on time, so be it. You can show them how to use the washer/dryer if they need something cleaned before you can get to it.
I wouldn't break my neck trying to get all if thus extra work done on time. Just work at your normal pace, stay busy, and try to be in good spirits.
You may actually enjoy these extra people being around (if they're nice people!) more than just having your client to serve. The relatives may actually offer to help you. Say yes if they do!
But stay firm. "My hours are from 8 to 2" ( or whatever they are). "I'm sorry, but I have other obligations and cannot stay longer." Unless they are real (fill in the blanks!), they will understand. If they don't understand, tough. Just try to be upbeat and good-natured but firm.
Please let us know how it goes for you. Feel free to ask for more advice or just to vent. Most of us here understand where you are coming from and do sympathize with you.
Don't let yourself be taken advantage of.

The agency that sends an aide to my house to care for my mother (she has connected but separate living quarters sends a form letter to all clients reminding them that the aide is there to perform duties for the designated person they are caring for and they list those duties. Who is paying for this service, a state agency, an insurance company or the client? You and your agency must stick to the state or insurance guidelines. I suppose if the client is private paying, client can make demands and then it is up to the agency to tell client what they will accomodate and then up to you to decide if you agree with the agency. I personally would never expect an aide to do anything for me, although some have offered when they have down time to do things and I always say, no you are here for my mother, not me. If you are doing things for the family, you can't keep your mind and eye on your client's needs. You might get distracted. I understand that client wants to bend over backwards for family but it might not be in client's best interest. I wonder if family expects you to cook and clean for them? Have you ever met any of them. Assuming these extra duties are not part of the deal and your agency does not back you up, I guess it depends on how much you like working for this client and how often this will occur. But don't leave one job until you find another. You can register with two agencies and gradually move away from this one. Of course, that doesn't mean the same thing will not happen again. If you decide to stick it out for the visit, hopefully they won't like your cooking and will eat our or make their own food.

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