I'm so tired tonight. This load is too heavy, I want to stop!

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I need out! This is an abnormal way to live!


Hi Annabelle, we helped my grandpa for a long time but I don't think I could have resided in the same house with him. There are all different ways people help their loved ones: some are in the same home, some visit, some help from far away.

Did something particular happen or is it the whole situation?

You stepped in when your mom needed that support. It sounded like she's been making progress though. Have you guys talked about her returning home for awhile or any other options?
Hi Annabelle, I couldn't carry on with my mom living with me. I felt that I would break under the strain and from lack of sleep, so I know something of how you are feeling.
Do you have any options other than living with mom? Keep reaching out, we are all here for you.
Not much info.
Thx guys not feeling as bad tonight will try to write more tomorrow but yea this isn't an ideal situation for me or mom thx again!
I just found this is from an earlier thread.

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