I am so mad right now!!

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I had interviewed another lady to help with Mom every other weekend in order to give me a break and to also be backup in case one of the caregivers gets sick, needs time off, etc. She is a small woman, and while I was concerned she wouldn't be able to help lift Mom from chair to bed, bed to chair, etc. I was willing to see how strong she was and had her come and be with one of the caregivers to learn the routine, etc. That was on Thursday. I talked to potential new lady Thursday afternoon and all seemed fine. I got a call from her on Saturday and I didn't receive message until late last night (I have a dumb phone). Anyway, I called her a few minutes ago and she told me that current caregiver told her that I was uncomfortable with a small person taking care of Mom and that I had someone there before who was also small and wanted more hours and I quote "that isn't going to happen". The potential new lady said she prayed about it and was uncomfortable working with Mom if I had a problem with it. Current caregiver also told her that it would only be for 2 days a month...um it isn't up to her to decide when potential works!!! So, in other words, current made potential not want the job!! I called my sister to tell her and her advice was to tell current that potential decided it wasn't worth her time for 2 days a month and how I really want more time with my family. It is going to take all I can not to go off on current but I need her! She wants to go and visit her daughter in about 6 months for 2 weeks and I need someone to take her place...and guess what? It may be permanent if I can find the right person!! ARGH!!

Thanks for letting me vent!!!


Oh, dear. I see the position that you are in.

Can your mom go to a facility, for 2 weeks?
No she can't. She doesn't qualify for Assisted Living and I don't think she would go to a nursing home for 2 weeks. I am going to call around and try and find someone. If nothing else, my sister will have to come down then and help, if she will.
if your letting the dishonest current caregiver climb atop of your head just because you need her you arent being true to yourself . your taking the path of least resistance .
example ;
a local newspaper editor butchered my writing for years because her personal / religious beliefs were contrary to my message about the injustice of the nations war on drugs . she would openly taunt me about how ive been edited again .
a few years ago she saw some of mine and my sons stonework and wanted to do a news story complete with some product pics . she called me on the phone and was told to cram her news spread straight up her square a**..
i dont roll over just because the circumstances might benefit me ..
conviction .. not negotiable ...
If current is that much of a gossip, then what is telling people about your mom. I would keep her until I found someone new, who isn't a gossip. Just put her on probation in your head.
suspend her for a week for discussing proprietary information without the authority to . that will either run her off or remind her who works for whom .

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