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I've noticed that people get responses to their questions at a breakneck pace (like 7 responses in the first minute). Can anybody give me insight into the success of Agingcare.com's forums?


Caregivers helping caregivers......... Even though most of us are going through a lot.... it makes us feel good to help ease others problems by our experiences. It is great to "vent" when we need to. Also if you add your profile, it helps anyone give better advice if they know your situation. Welcome Mike!
Thanks norestfortheweary. I'll add to my profile. I just wasn't sure what to put. Though I cared for my father for 6 years when he was disabled from a stroke and, eventually lung cancer, he died a decade ago. I'm now an RN who has worked extensively in homecare-- mostly chronic diseases like diabetes, heart failure and COPD.

I understand that caregivers are people who are, at once, generally giving and in need of support themselves. It's a perfect combination for a forum like this one. Nonetheless, the numbers of responses here are astonishing. I saw one thread that got several hundred posts in just a few hours.
Mike your experience can be very valuable to others. As you care for people in their homes, you become attached to them..... and the loss of them adds to your other losses in life....... This site is good when you need to have someone listen!
Welcome Mike.... We have many professional caregivers here also. But basicly we're all in the same boat..
Welcome! We need your advice! You need our advice! We also all need a safe place to vent, and sometimes even laugh!
Yes Boni.. a laugh!
Thanks assandache and no rest. I was a little worried I wouldn't be welcome.

And yes, I have become very attached to the people I care for. In professional discussion there is such resistance to using terms like "friendship" and "love." I think it's ridiculous. You see someone for an hour a day, for five days a week, for years on end, and you're not friends? Of course my patients have been my friends. (And, by the way, I loved them like friends, and they drove me up the wall like friends.)
i tried to follow an ac article link the other day that led to more links and soon i realized id read every article on here months ago. its all good, man. caregiving is a wonderful calling, study every aspect of it.
if your a male you have stereotypes to overcome. do it with brute knowlege.
Hi Mike and welcome.

I too am a nurse. I work in home healthcare, mainly in rehab. I also cared for my dad in my home for 5 years. He died last May. I wasn't sure I still belonged here after he died but I was reassured that I was still welcome so I come back to share experience and strength with others who are still caregivers.

I was on another caregiving website that had a lot less people and very, very slow response time. The people were great but the website really just went nowhere and was shut down. Then I found Aging Care and was very grateful. You're right, the response time is phenomenal. I hope you come back and let us get to know you.

Thanks for the kinds words Boni, Captain and Eyerishlass.

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