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I have been so upset the last month, I'm sure some will remember my posts that my sister would not help, I only wanted her to come 1 week in the spring and 1 week in the fall but she refused. I have no idea what happened, well I kind of think maybe I do, My sister contacted me the other night telling me that she had decided to come get mom for 2 weeks while Mom's caregiver went on vacation, I kept trying to figure out why?? she refused before to the point that we could not even speak anymore. Well I woke the next morning and as usual I had taped Hot in Cleveland, I always watch it before work, this episode to my amazement was almost a mirror to what we had fought all this time about, one daughter was trying to do it all and the other did not have the time. I realized my sister had to have watched the show. She has had a total change of heart and we are talking again, she has changed her mind and is now coming to my house to stay the week with Mom. I hope that some of you can go back and watch the episode its called Canoga. I was not trying to be unreasonable just wanted a little of her time and to feel like she loved Me and Mom. Thank you to everyone that listened and responded and I hope this can help others.


WOW a must see Hot in Cleveland Season 4 episode 14 "Canoga".
That is great news. Sounds like the episode made her see something.....caught her off guard when she was not being defensive. Congratulations on the outcome
Saw the write-up, sounded like a must-see episode.... but I couldn't find any websites that would let me view it for free :( I'll just have to watch for a re-run, I see Carol Burnett plays in that episode.
do you have on demand? if you give it a few days it will show up. It was wonderful and yes even caught me off guard. Good luck to all.
The episode is also on Hulu.. I had to go watch it..lol.

I am glad it worked out for you Barb! Do you know for sure it was that episode that caused her change of heart?
Had to be, it fits us to well.
I should have explained better, i had NO idea where all this was coming from with my sis, she is a good heart and then i was getting all this flack on moms care and helping. We all grew up in Cleveland and watch the show. I record it and watch them in the morning before work, she started texting the night the show aired and i kept looking for the angel, woke the next morning and watched the show. Maybe not but it sure makes me wonder there were to many similar things like the sister finally being happy and me finally at my age getting married. Well not sure what happened just hope it continued i have always wanted her in my life, she called mom last night to tell her she would be here on 4/10 and the look on moms face that she will have both girls was priceless. Plus that is ALL that i wanted, i have started talking to her and feel like bricks have been lifted just knowing that she will come 1 week every 6 months. A little goes so far when your in our situation. I really don't think any of us would be caregivers if we did not want to but we all need a little help once in a while and even though our friends step up, you heart wants your family in my case my sis to be here. I really hope this helps more people.

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