I'm glad to read what others are dealing with because it helps me to understand what my mom is going through with her dementia.

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Not really a question, but a statement. All the sleep, not eating, change in attitude & personality really hurts watching. I'm praying for a cure!!!


Me too. It is too late for my mom, but I hope others do not have to go through what she has.
Pydix, I am hoping for a cure or something that can really slow down the progression. Sadly it takes mega millions/billions in funds for research.

One article I just read, dated 2013, stated that the United States clearly lags behind Europe in terms of public awareness, social services and reducing the stigma associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

My primary doctor made an interest remark about memory loss as I was worried about my own memory. She noted that my cholesterol was too high. Not only does higher cholesterol create plak in the arteries but also in the brain.

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