I'm cracking up. I can't take it anymore.

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I can't get enough sleep because my mom makes so much noise and her walker scraps the floor all the time. My left eye is twitching insanely. Please for god's sake someone help me!!!!!


Have you tried tennis balls on the walkers feet?
That's a good practical idea about the walker, but, have you tried to figure out why your mom's not sleeping at night? If she has a sleep disorder, he doctor might be able to help her with medication. Or if she's up because she has dementia and needs supervision, I'd also discuss it with her doctor. See if meds could help or if you need a nighttime aid to sit with her and keep her calm, so you can get some sleep.

Being sleep deprived can have horrible consequences on your body. I'd be sure to get help immediately.
So sorry you're not sleeping--you need to get mom knocked out at night. My mother takes Trazadone, Melatonin and Seroquel (I think, don't quote me) and gets right into bed. She sleeps pretty soundly and doesn't shift positions all night. I do take her places and the scraping sound of the walker also scrapes on my nerves so badly. She doesn't like the tennis balls (thinks it makes her look old). Check catalogs online for walker accessories. For a while mother has little "tennis shoes" that fit on the legs. No sound. She wore through them really fast, though.
Get mom to a dr and get her something for sleep. It's not good for either of you to be sleep deprived!!!
I have a parent who was staying up late because of sleeping late every morning, so getting her on schedule, (even if it means sleeping pills) would help. Get some for yourself also! I know how terrible I feel without sleep.
I feel like I need to add something to my previous post: Many people feel that it's wrong to medicate their elderly folks "kind of" against their will--meaning, some people don't feel it's ethical or right to give someone something to help them sleep, in this case.
If your mom were sleeping all night, you could too. Wouldn't that benefit both of you? You cannot be a decent caregiver if you're not sleeping.
Talk to mom's dr. Of course get her checked up before you try anything. Then, with the dr's permission (and likely prescription) you can help mom rest. The up-all-night routine is exhausting.
I speak from long experience. My hubby had a liver transplant, and was sleeping all day long. Then he was up all night and wanting attention and to watch TV and make a lot of noise. He had panic attacks at night from the lengthy hospital stay. WITH his dr's OK, I gave him a sleeping pill. Not forever, just for a couple of months. To this day he didn't know why his internal clock returned to "normal".
Good luck. You are not alone!

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