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My 90 year old mom has been eating very little for a couple of months. It got really bad this week when she would only eat one small tub of jelly each day. After a short crying meltdown (my first but, I'm guessing, not the last), I regrouped and decided to feed her every 1-2 hours, instead of when we have our 3 meals a day. She has dementia, so has no concept of time. I just wake her several times a day.

I also bought a greater variety of small soft foods, trying to make things more interesting. Applesauce, Klondike bars, mashed potatoes with butter, etc. Added Boost with chocolate milk.

She is on hospice, but I can't just stop trying to make her a little stronger. I want her (and she wants) to see the birds and flowers again.


I think you are doing all the right thing in offering smaller amounts more often. Is your mom totally bed bound? I would encourage you to get her outside to see those birds and flowers now if there is any way to make it happen.
There is a very helpful pamphlet available from the Alzheimer Canada website, if you google the title it should come up.

Food - The four letter word in end of life care
Yes, totally bed bound. Once I get her stronger, I will start trying to sit her up again (orthostatic hypotension from being so dehydrated).
Great idea I'll try that with my mom. Thanks.
Also got Pedialyte freezer pops. After 3 days of this, she has already improved.

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