i want to have power of attorney but my mom would get mad and say no way but iam her daughter and i take care of mom and dad both no sibling

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s want to help so i love taking care of them but mom is the problem she wants to leave where no one cares for her siblings left her here and decided they no longer want her which they never kept her she was in and out of families homes with packed bags i want to make sure no one come to take her money like always and dont ever buy her needs they just take her money and no one cared for her so how can i get her to sign power of attorney with her knowing it thank you

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You can't "make" her do anything. There is an old saying, you can lead a horse to water, but can't make them drink. Same applies to family. Even though you sound well intentioned, there are all sorts of reasons that she might resist your asking for power of attorney.

Are you talking about durable power of attorney for health, or general power of attorney? If your mom has all of her wits about her, then perhaps you should arrange for someone with no vested interest, like clergy or a social worker at a senior center to have a discussion about future wishes with her. Accept what she wants to do and work with her to protect her. Once a senior has been victimized, they are not likely to hand over POA to anyone, regardless of how well meaning you sound.

If you read the posts on this board, many people have the same problems, but also many people write about wanting to send their parents to a facility. Their posts should give you some insight into what your mom may be afraid of and help you rethink how you would talk to her about her future and possible POA>

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