I think there should be a memorial page on this site.

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So many of us have become close and it would be such a beautiful thing to know when someone has lost a loved one so that we could stand by him or her and comfort with words. It would also be a great place to find "normalcy" again with people who have gone through the death of a loved one. Anyone agree?


I agree. I lost my Mom on October 31st and think about how I miss her every day. I would love to have a place on this site where I can post a couple pictures and my sentiments. Plus, I would feel closer to everyone knowing who it is they loved and gave care to.
I would love a place for that too. I'm about to loose my mom. She is on hospice and is in "crisis mode". We don't expect her to live more that a week or so. Does anyone have an idea of how this can become a reality?
Send an email to Admin... and tell them of your wish.... you can email them by looking under Help Center under your avitar.... I think this is a great idea... let us know if you need support in the way of many of us emailing....
Thanks to all of you. I sent an email to admin and hope to hear from them. I'll let you know if they say they want to hear from others as well. Hugs
I just sent a suggestion in also. We could have it be some type of Garden or something. I think we need it.
I think it's a GREAT idea!
Hi Agingcare.com Admins...I think this would be a great idea. I have to jump around so many threads before I find out that so-and-so's parent or loved one has died...2 days ago. I sent a HUG of sorrow but...2 days later.

It would be nice if caregivers can come on to that specific thread and post a final update of their parent/loved one. Then we, other caregivers can "follow" this thread and get updates whenever someone posts their sorrow.

I think this is a wonderful idea....I'm in!
I think this is a great, great idea! This forum is so important and brings many of us closer to each other because we're all facing the same losses. An area specific to those needs sounds so wonderful...I like the Garden idea...
God Bless all of you...
Maybe we just have to start a "new discussion", and call it" Our Garden of Tribute". Should I start it?

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