My fiancee has MS and I need to quit my full-time job to take care of her. Any advice?

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Our finances will quickly become a mess if I have to quit my job and forefit that income to care for my fiancee who has relapsing/remitting MS. I don't know how to deal with taking care of the family and taking care of her while still having a full time job. I need time to sleep in-between. Is there some way to get financial assistance for me the caregiver? She is 40 so she does not qualify for elder care anything. Any advice would be great


Is she on disability? Has she applied for Medicaid?
First of all, don't quit your job because that will create a financial mess that you will never recover from and most likely will send both of you into severe poverty and possibly homelessness.

Second, has she looked into applying for social security disability? That is a viable option.

I have found some sites that may helpful.




Here is more information about social security disability and ms

I guess the question is, how much care does she need, how often. Who would care for her if there was no "you"? Does she work? Have you made adaptations to your home that allow her safety and independence when you're not around? What level of care does her neurologist recommend?

Quitting one's job to become a caregiver is quite rarely the answer, in almost any situation.
She does collect SSDI and she foes have medicare. Though it only takes care of a portion of the bills. There are also two children to care for, so yes leaving my part time job may be a move i have to make. Her condition is deteriorating faster now, there is nerve damage happening in her spine. Her mobility is being effected quite heavily. I dont know what the futire brings but she can no longer care for the children, because it is a struggle caring for herself.
How old are the children? If they are below 18, they should be getting child support income from SSDI up to half of the amount of her check each.

How are you living on a part time job? Are you on welfare and getting food stamps? If you quit your job, who is going to take care of the children? If you quit your job how are you going to afford to live somewhere? You want be able to draw SSDI and her check will not be enough for the two of you to live on. I hate to say this, but maybe she needs to look into medicaid and go to a nursing home. Does she have any siblings that could help ya'll any? This is a total mess with no easy answers I'm afraid.

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