I need a break! Nobody helps me!

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I feel like my mom's cancer is taking over my life. She was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia last April. She was in the hospital all summer. She had one week of chemo. It nearly killed her. She never made a full remission. Then in August the cancer started to be worse again. She began getting infusions of platelets and blood about every 8 days but usually not at the same time which means I must drive her two hours to the cancer center and back which four hours of driving each time. I work,I have a little girl. I work thankfully only two days a week! I feel bad because I feel resentful towards her like she is a burden or something! I dont hate her i just never time for myself. I dont even have time to take myself and my daughter to the dentist! I had to quit college to have more time to take care of her! I feel


You might want to contact hospice care.

You sound very young to be dealing with this. How old is your little girl? What year in college were you when you quit? Does your mother have any siblings who could help out.
Cancer is terrible, it puts the person who has the cancer on a horrible journey... you don't know if you will live to see next year or even next month. Try putting yourself in your Mom's shoes and feel what SHE is going through.

Sounds like there is more going on in your life than just caring for your Mom. Most of us here wouldn't be crumbling after only 10 months of caring for someone.

You do need a break! You do need some help!

So far, what ways have you tried getting help? Have you called your county's human services office and asked for a needs evaluation? Have you asked your mother's clinic if they can refer you to any organizations that help with care of cancer patients? Have you called your communities United Way organization?

Tell us what you've tried and we'll see if we can come up with other suggestions.

BTW, where is your father in all this? Is he living? How about your girl's father?
You do need a break as we all do. My mom does'nt have cancer but I am her full time caregiver. NO life....I'm dying inside and keep trying to reinvite my attitude and perspective to bare this load.
It amusing the more i read this site it helps in every way. I sometimes feel like each one of these stories are mine. I have only been taking care of my mom for two years no help. And the frist year wasnt bad. But this second year is driving me nutty. My mom gets upset when i need to leave to go pay bills or anything. She had a massive stroke , and there is a lady that comes and sit with her two times a week for 3 hours and those are the days i go pay bills or whatever i need to do. When im getting dressed the additude starts. When i come back she still has it. She wont eat, she doesnt want me to change her and its driving me crazy. This week she has been upset all week.
Im to the point of putting my mom in a nursing home how do i tell her.
It might be a good idea to let that news come from her doctor.
Call hospice or even her doctor for a hospice referral. A young woman with a job and a child has no business being a 24/7 caregiver. There is help out there, please start making calls tomorrow. You might also call the cancer association about transportation available in your area. Best wishes.

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