I miss you gramma!

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my gma passed away february 25. she was at home when she had a stroke. gma was 94yrs old & full of energy. i am grateful i was able to spend the last few years with her & we had some great times. i love you gma, i miss you.


I'm so sorry about the death of your grandma. It sounds like you two were very close. I'm sure you miss her very much.

Be well.
So sorry.. She was lucky to have had you in her life, as you with her.. Hugs
You are so blessed!! My mother died when I was ten, and my gma when I was only 26. Now quickly find her recipes before someone else gets them. God Bless!
thank you. i was very lucky to have her & even though it wasn't easy, i'm glad i was able to spend the last three years taking care of her.

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