I love my mom but she makes me so angry and hateful.

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when my mother asked me to do something I do but she rushes me like she tells me to hurry up and I try so that is why the house is a mess and when people come over she gets embarrassed and then when they leave she tells me they will report us and I tell her no they will not I do not know where you are getting that from and she gets mad and says I am attacking her and then she tells my stepdad and he takes my internet away and I am 36 years old for goodness sakes and I am sick of it I can not stand it


Jackie, why are you living with your parents?
Living with family members requires compromise and often if it's their house, you have to go along with what they say, since, it's their home. It might help if you do some things that you know make her happy and then spend some happy times with other people. Sometimes, I get cranky, if I'm cooped up in the house for too long.
are you living with them for your needs or theirs? I have kids your age and I darn sure do NOT want to be raising them in adulthood. If you want respect, move out and go over on your terms. If they need help start looking now and get out of your situation it will only get worse. good luck. God Bless
Does your mother have a physical problem that requires you to stay with her? I imagine that something is wrong or she would be able to do her own housework. Let us know a little bit more. Answers will probably be more what you need if we knew a bit more.

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