I didn’t make it in time to say goodbye...

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My mom passed away today while I was on the plane to come see her. These last few months have been a whirl wind of emotions and I thank this forum for their help and support. I miss her already but I know she is not suffering anymore. I hope she is at peace with my dad.


I’m sorry but I’m sure she is somewhere happy and safe. Take care.
So sorry for your loss Erica
May you find some rest in the days ahead
I was less than 20 feet away - I had stepped out to talk to my husband - and my dad passed - after I had been by his side for days in ICU. At some point, you have to have faith that things went the way they were going to go. Take comfort, like I do, that they're not suffering in this world. And yes, I know my dad is at peace being with my mom again.
Oh Erica; how sad for you! Mom is at peace. Be well, and comforted by your good memories.
Prayers and peace to you and your Mom.

Let us know how you are doing.
I wish you and your family peace and love.

You have done a great deal of caring for both your parents. May be they went then to save you pain?
Everything is for a reason. Sometimes we see it, sometimes we dont but it is still there.

In no pain and at peace now.
Love to all HUGS
I'm so sorry EricaMagoo. I know this must be so difficult. I would take comfort in knowing she is at peace with your father. Take care of yourself. Thanks for the update.
((((((((Erica)))))) deepest condolences. It was her time and her struggle is over. Sometimes they prefer to pass alone. I know that does not make it easy for you. Rest in that you were a great advocate for her and did all you could in a very difficult situation. Be sure to look after yourself. You have been through so much stress.
EricaMagoo83, my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.

I remember when my Dad 95 had passed rather quickly, he waited until I had left the facility. Now he was with my Mom, who had passed a year prior, and Dad had missed so very much.
Thinking of you.

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