I can't take care of myself and need help ASAP.

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I can't take care of myself and need help with every day tasks. Like feeding myself, taking meds, cleaning myself personal, etc..


Daisy, can you tell us more? Where are you living? Are you on disability? What are the sources of your income? Who has been helping you before now? Why has that stopped?

We'll need a little more information in order to make suggestions.
Within the past year I've had heart bypass surgery and had 2 veins from each of my legs used. Since then my legs and feet keep swelling so much that my diabetic shoes can't be worn. I've recently been in the ER at Rhode Island hospital where my doctors' are. They had since sent me to a rehab at Somerset Ridge Center in Somerset Ma so that I may get stronger. Well it doesn't seem to be getting better, stronger. I can't hold my bodily functions and need help with preparing my food, meds, and laundry-can't climb stairs to basement(washer/dryer). I'm in Swansea Ma renting a room, collecting SSDI, 65 yrs old, single. Please i need to get something, I don't have any living family, only child.
Daisy, you need to tell your doctors today, right now, that you need home care ASAP. They can arrange for home health monitoring and care. You can also call the local Area Agency on Aging or do an online search for home care agencies to help with the nonmedical aspects, such as laundry.

Also ask the AAA how to contact the local Meals on Wheels; for a nominal cost they can bring meals to you 5 days a week, and provide a few extra for the weekend if that's part of the specific program in your area.

Does the landlord of the home in which you're renting know of your limitations? Have you discussed with him/her if there's any help available for you?

I'm not familiar with the intricacies of SSDI, but if you have a caseworker, contact him or her.
Daisy, have you asked your doctor if the edema is to be expected given the removal of the veins, and/or if you're developing lymphedema?
DaisyDukey, I am confused by your profile. It says that you are taking care of someone who lives in Assisted Living who has Alzheimer's/Dementia. Is this another person, or are you referring to yourself?
Freqflyer I'm confused too..

In rehab?
Hello Ms. A.,
LANDLORD NOW! This minute, ask for help. Yes, from the landlord.
Plan B:
Call the police department, NOT 911, but the regular police dept. and explain your situation. They should know what to do, since this is an emergency.
Plan C:
You must have ONE LOCAL FRIEND...........call!!!
Plan D. Call the Agency on Aging.........

Plan E. Call the Rehab place in MA, where you were seen last and tell them what is happening to you.
PLEASE PLEASE do not let it go past TODAY! And please tell us what happens.

oooops, my comment went to DaisyDuck, not Ms. A. M88
Ms. DaisyDucky,

This should help you:

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What happened?


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