I can't get my answer back from a question I asked for help on?

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I can't get my answer to a question I asked earlier? Ian I not hitting the right button


Computers and computer websites can be temperamental. Hit the "refresh" to update your screen. On my screen the refresh is at the very top of the screen, on your center left, it looks like an arrow that is bending itself into a circle. Just click on that if your computer shows it. Not all computers are the same.

Or if all else fails, log off the website, and shut down the computer... wait a couple of minutes, and start up again.
"I took my mom down to renew her drivers license. Its 3 yrs. past. Its not safe on the road if she gets her drivers license back." Apparently the DMV could see she has limitations. I doubt if her MD will certify her ability to drive. You could encourage him not to. Even if he did, could she pass a written test and road test?

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