i am a 45 yr old male and i would like to know if anyone knows how can i get life insurance. i've called a few companies and can't get it.

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AARP has a group rate policy. You have to answer three questions. If you can answer those honestly, you don't need a physical. You have to be a member of AARP to get it. It's through New York Life.

Life insurance is available from a number of companies, many are willing to cover various health issues, etc..If you have been declined for life insurance due to a health issue, don't give up as it may be available. Look for an independent agent who represents multiple companies and can help you shop for coverage.
Do you have health problems, e.g. apnea, high blood pressure, or heart disease? Many companies will not insure people who have a combination of these problems. My brother is one of those people. He was unable to take out a new policy, so is reliant on one purchased earlier for him by my parents and one from his job.
I should add that I don't know how hard my brother looked for companies that would cover him. I think that Riskquoter's advice about looking around or finding an agent is excellent.

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