Husband with Frontal Temporal Dementia started Adult Day Care. First day was yesterday.

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Well yesterday was my husband's first day at "The Club". He loved it ! It's a Adult Day care available at an assisted living facility that runs "The Club". He will go there once a week. He was a little nervous about it and didn't really remember just what the plan was so I would just remind him each day prior to him going. We left our place about 9:00 a.m. Wednesday. Everyone there was so warm and welcoming. While I was finalizing paperwork with the director, I soon could hear my husband laughing and blabbing! As I stepped out to head home he was sitting with the group doing some stretches. Smiling from ear to ear. I waved goodbye. Walking to the car, the first thought that popped into my head was " He looked like a kindergarteners all excited on his first day of school". I picked him up at 3:30. They were playing a game where the director would say a phrase and everyone would guess who said it. Mind you this "Club" is totally geared to people with memory issues so their activities are done in a way that there is no pressure to be "right". Everyone is having fun and laughs. On the way home my husband had so much to talk about. He told me he helped others to do the Wii bowling. Was really good for his ego because this dementia and how it has made so many things he used to impossible or extremely difficult had really been depressing to him. He was on top of the world. I know this disease will progress, but for now I'm glad he's finding some joy and purpose. Next week he will be going with the group to the Museum of Natural History. It's definitely going to take a bite out of the budget but is worth it and I will be very frugal wherever I can. If I can't afford to keep it going at least I tried.


Wonderful and I am so glad he enjoyed it. Socializing with others and being so happy. Wonderful!!
I feel happy just reading about his first day. You go, phizphiz's hubby!
Thank you Kimberly166 and JessieBelle ! I was stoked (for now) !!!
This is great news! I know you must be so relieved that he is having these good times. It will allow you some time for yourself. What a wonderful arrangement.
It was a relief. Thank you Sunnygirl1. I was able to go have lunch with my son and take a little nap!
Oh, that's just great. I hope he is able to enjoy the program for a good while.
Thats amazing. If you havent done so already contact your local chapter of Alzheimers Association and apply for the yearly $600 grant. Every little bit helps.
Great news!

Most people with dementia have good days and not-as-good days. It may happen that he has a bad day at the Club. That is OK. They can deal with it. Don't let it discourage you as to the overall value of the program.

And for people who have less than this wonderful first day experience, know that some patients do take a while to warm up to the whole experience. Don't let a bad first day discourage you.

Adult day care is an exceptional resource. I'd love to see it expanded and available in more places.
I am so happy for you both.. enjoy!!
That's so wonderful that he can have an enjoyable outlet. I also out my husband in Adult day care about 6 months ago. He only goes about 2-3 times a week but I can tell he loves being with the people and having a chance to interact with others. He is a singer and they have him sing for them when a piano player is there. It's a great way for the caregiver to get a much needed break.
Unfortunately, after I pick my hubby up, he doesn't remember being there so I can't ask him any questions about his enjoyment.
Glad you decided to use that excellent resource!

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