Husband with dementia obsessed with his good looks!

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I am thankful that he isn't the kind who refuses to take a bath or change clothes, but he prances around in the nude, looking in the mirror, and preening. He wanted to buy self tanning lotion so he would look like he had a tan. He worries about losing his hair, and talks about getting implants, and also dental implants so he wouldn't have to wear false teeth. He is 82!


This would be upsetting if taken to extreme. I have no idea what you can do about it, but hope the obsession passes soon. I would stand strong on the implants. Not only would the implants not be useful at his age, the anesthesia would be hard on him and could accelerate his dementia. Does he accept that he has dementia? or does he feel like nothing is wrong? Them not knowing that there's a problem makes everything more challenging.
My goodness. That is unusual. I'd make sure too keep an eye on the money and his doctor appointments, to ensure that he doesn't schedule these procedures.
Actually, dentures can be problematic in the later stages. Have a talk with dentist and with neurologist to learn all the options and take care of teeth daily to prevent problems later.
I saw the humour in this and I hope you don't mind. It's great that he is not a slob and still want to take care of himself, but I do however think the implants are an extreme at this age. My dad at 80 still looked like 50 and he took care of himself, but there were no extremities. My dad now has full-blown dementia, at 88, and it was difficult for me and my sister and the only thing that helps is when we are very gentle to him and explain he can no longer do something.
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As everyone else said, this is highly unusual. However, every case is different. It's also possible that he suffers from another illness along with dementia or a different type of dementia. I'd talk with the doctor about it.

If it's any comfort, this is likely a stage. Our hearts are with you.
I also see the husband is a slob...actually there is something new for hair and it's not transplant, so look into it husband won't even put hand lotion on, and his hands a so rough , they hurt when he grabs me.
just hope he doesn't go outside to show off.I wouldn't want to see THAT
Glad to see that someone is worse than my Dad. He looks great for 87 and knows it. I love it, he doesn't look for ways to enhance his looks other than he is a sucker for exercise products that will restore his abs or his youthful muscular look. That is just as dangerous, every tv commercial for a new treatment is fair game. Funnest though was when the young attractive PA was conducting the intake medical and was checking something in the nether regions, she thought he was so sweet and looked kindly at him, and he asked loudly without any sleeze or suggestive intention "Is this going to help me achieve a hard on?" hahah.... He has a secret store of Viagra. I talk till I'm blue about him finding a lady to keep him company and how sex is not the point, the point is to have someone next to you that you know love and trust.... We'll see what happens.
My dad also used to joke with the nurses and we thought he was a bit frivolous, but as the old saying goes "men", need I say more. : )
Dear Alexander4 - While it may sound cute, I can understand the concern and when you are on the inside witnessing the behavior it is very concerning, particularly when they get ideas in their head that could be unsafe for them. As for the nudity and preoccupation with appearance, as I understand it, our seniors with dementia can lose their filter and thus their inhibitions, at times leading to exposing themselves inappropriately, lewd comments, etc. If I get my mom new underwear, she goes into how she has to find someone to show them off to, how her breasts are still pretty nice, how she is going to find a 30 y/o - she is 94 and mind you she has always been an extreme prude. Hopefully, it will pass, but you should probably speak with his doctor, there may be medications that need to be adjusted or administered to lessen the confusion or delusions. Ah yes, mom informed me today she will be going to lunch with her old teacher (who has been dead for 20 years). It is tough and a roller coaster rider. I'm with you in trying to ride the course. Good luck!
My Mom has gotten modest. Not that she didn't have it before but this is more like a child that its just finding modesty. Otherwise, I worry more of how she looks than she does. She is 88 and I would say in the later stages of Dementia.

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