My husband went into a nursing home for rehab. He has become delusional, mean and unreasonable.

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My visits make him worse. He scares me. He was suppose to come home this week but I cannot bring him home like this. I am not going to visit because it upsets him. He wants to come home. I cannot bring him home like this. He calls just to insult me. His Dementia is getting worse and I want to care for him but he is too angry with me. I would love to bring him home but his behavior is just too unpredictable.


He thinks he is not sick and nothing is wrong with him
It is time for him to receive professional care. Has he been checked for a urinary tract infection which will cause delusions in the elderly. You are within your rights to tell the facility that you are not able to care for him at home. Tell them they need to either get medications figured out, or of they cannot you will no longer provide his care. The rehab place has a social worker on staff that will probably try to guilt you into bringing him home. Do not let SW get away with it. Their jobs are to help families find an appropriate living situation for lived ones.
Ask for him to be seen by the geriatric psychiatrist who consults at this facility. Medications may help somewhat, but it does sound like it's time for some kind of facility.

I've been blessed with good and pretty good social workers. They all helped in finding appropriate facilities. They should be able to give you a list, and tell you what level of care he needs, according to his medical and behavioral needs.

He is back home now. They increased his seroquel by 300mg. and also increase is depakote. This really helped him!
Up, I'm so glad the meds are helping! Keep us posted, we are always here to listen. We all learn from each other!
Is the 300 mg per day?
Just an FYI, my mom's doc told me the maximum Seroquel they will ever prescribe for someone elderly and with dementia is 400mg a day. My mom was at 100mg when moved to a facility, that has been increased, by how much I do not know. She started Seroquel four years ago with 12.5 mg that over the course of three and a half years increased to the 100mg. Everybody is different, and docs have different standards that they follow as well.
My husband takes 500 mg. a day of seroquel. Its making him manageable. He was out of touch with reality in the nursing home. Very delusional and aggressive. His behavior is where we can take care of him at home now. He has alot of health problems and dementia is just one of them.
My husaband also has uncontrolled epilepsy and takes a medicine for that. He is just 59 yrs old. Always in and out of the hospital with illnesses. I still work and our grown son lives with us to help out so I can still work. The bills do not care who is sick. Its hard.

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