My husband passed away a little after 3am. the 24th of Dec.

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It has been a very trying time. I feel almost a sense of relief it was hard to see him suffer. There was no real indication of his impending death. I just said I wish I had been with him.


Xhausted I am so sorry for your loss. Take very good care of yourself now and in the coming months. God bless!
Oh, xhausted, I'm so sorry to hear this! Please take care of yourself and let us know how you are getting on.
The numbness lasts about 3 days. Then you cry. Let yourself do that, but remember to be happy for his freedom.
Big hugs, xhausted. I think everyone here understands your mixed feelings. Take care of yourself these next few months as you work through things. Even though you weren't there when he died, I'm sure your husband knows you were there for him when he needed. I hope that soon the bad memories will be replaced with good ones from an earlier time.
So sorry to hear this xhausted. I know you have been struggling with emotions and decisions these past few months. Take your time to heal... there is a New Year ahead and many more things to look forward to

Yes, we totally understand and feel compass for your current situation.


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