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Is his only problem hearing loss?
Thank you for answering me. I'm not sure exactly what is causing his problem. It could be depression or cognitive impairment. He is 87 and slowing down physically as well as mentally. I feel lonely and powerless at home with him. I'm 77 and trying to keep up my outside life with family and friends. I have felt the need to reach out for support so I won't feel so alone. htrood
I was just thinking that if his only problem is that he can't hear, would that alone make him withdraw? Sounds like he needs to be seen by a doctor who will get to the bottom of whatever is going on. I don't understand why so many people go around missing so many conversations just because they won't get a hearing aid. It's just automatic to get reading glasses when our eyes get old, why not hearing aids too?
I agree with naheaton, htrood. Sometimes a series of strokes could have such an effect. Depression could also be the culprit, but only medical asseessment will get to the botoom of it. One of my relatives stopped talking when the reality of his medical condition hit him. He was mentally aware, but just lost energy and the will to live. Sorry about your husband's current symptoms. I can understand why you would feel lonely.
Hi Hrood_ This behavior-or lack of it I should say is probably quiite frustrating to you-as a spouce...and most understandably so. There is a web site out there that addresses neurodegenerative like issues amongst spouces---and that is called the alzheimer's spouce.....and is facilitaed by a Joan Gershman--out of Florida. This will perhaps be quite helpful to you as there are many issues that she brings up that you may be able to relate to.
Best to you on your caregiving journey, and try to remember not to neglect your own health as well.
I appreciate so many caring answers. Sometimes my husband seems perfectly ok except for his hearing difficulties so I have hesitated to go any further with medical tests. He once told me if he had Alzheimer's he wouldn't want to know, but I know there is something wrong. That's why I find it such a difficult situation. Thank you for all your helpful ideas and your support
I want to particularly thank Hap for the suggestion of the Alzheimer's Spouse. I can see that this website is something that definitely applies to me. I am so glad I reached out for help and received a path to follow on my journey.

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