My husband mom just had a stroke he has 2 little kids and there is no balance. and he gets mad very fast and takes it out on me.

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He very angry all the time. All he thinks about is his mom and her stroke

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Hi babba17, it sure sounds like your husband is stressed out. But that doesn't mean he should be mean. If his anger is to the point of abuse you need to get to a safe place with your children. Don't let them be in an abusive house, please!
More likely your husband is just overwhelmed about his Mom's illness. Is he an only child? That could make it harder. How much time has passed since your MIL's stroke? If it is a recent event maybe your husband just needs some time to adjust.
Sometimes, with my husband, I need to tell him EXACTLY what I need from him. He loves me but can be tunnel visioned! I tell him- "tonight you are going to watch a movie with me!" or " you need to take daughter out for some Daddy and daughter time" and he does. Have you tried being very specific with your husband about what you need from him?

Counseling is always a great option as well! Support groups, church ministers, or therapists really do help.

I hope things get better for all of you!!! Blessings!

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