My husband was kidnapped and taken to cousins home.

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He fell down left all night unable to use bathroom next day w/o shower depends clothes made DPOA. Cousin wanted our farm so she had my husband kidnapped by his cousin the under sheriff the under sheriff took him to the cousins home not to ER for examination. He fell down at cousins home was left to spend the night unable to get up to use bathroom. next day w/o shower change of clothes or depends nor medicine for Parkinsons, cousin went into every facility making decisions leaving my husband outside in November setting in her car in his own urine and bringing papers out for him to sign to change and put everything in her and his name bank PO BOX and taking him to cousins personal attorney to make up DPOA divorce, which I believe is a conflict of interest, with the attorney being the cousins own personal attorney to make the cousin my husbands DPOA, and the only facility cousin took my husband into reported abuse to SRS of soaked pants urine running down his legs that cousin blamed myself even though husband had been out of my care for 24 hours. cousin placed husband against his wishes in nursing home where he got his first shower since kidnapped where skin breakdown was discovered bruises and a UTI, with husband being w/o his Parkinson medicine for over 33 hours. cousin said my husband was very confused when she got him. He was tested weeks before he was kidnapped and did not have dementia or Alzeheimers. I believe the DPOA should be made void due to the abusive condition his cousin had him sign the DPOA papers left outside in her car in w/o his Parkinson's medication, as he was abused and very confused, but did not have dementia or Alzeheimers, and the attorney making the DPOA was the cousins personal attorney a direct conflict of interest. It was confirmed by SRS I did not committ the abusive condition my husband was in that the cousin blamed me for, so the accusation was dismissed against me. Nothing was done to the cousin because she immediately put him in the nursing home against his wishes where he stayed against documented proof in the nursing records all he wanted to do was to go home, until he died. he tried to make up a special needs trust but the cousins personal attorney which I think is a conflict of interest would not make one up for our disabled daughter. when the cousin found out he tried to make a special needs trust she had a DNR made against his wishes, it is documented repeatedly in the nursing home records he wanted FULL CODE, since she was in the will to buy his farm and her daughter received $76,000 from the will for working for my husband while her Mother was my husbands DPOA, in the nursing home cutting his hair and watching football games with him at the nursing home, but waiting to be paid from the will to hide the fact she would have received wages from him while her Mother was his DPOA if she'd been paid for her employment as she testified she was employed by him for cutting his hair but was paid from the will. my husband choked a nurse pushed him into another room and called the cousin, the cousin drove to the nursing home went to the room and asked for EMS to be called EMS got there went to his room took his pulse it was still 20, and the cousin said let him go a full 10 minutes he died of documented choking to death. I believe the DPOA should be made void even though he did not have dementia or alzheimers, but due to the abused condition he was in felt he had no choice but to sign whatever papers she brought out for him to sign, if you've never had a UTI you have no idea how extremely painful it is w/o adding the bruises, and skin breakdown from the urinated depends being on him for so long


Tell it to the county District Attorney. Now.
Where were you when all this was happening?
The post made me feel so on edge, and so convoluted, sorry to say, I am doubtful of its legitimacy.
My mother os married to my stepfather. She suffered a stroke last June (partly because of his neglect and the doctors) and recently she said she did not want to live with him anymore. A good thing because she was going steadily downhill in his care. He finally moved out of town with his s ons but now after she has recovered he is forcing his way back by calling the social service agency who sent a police ofcicer who found her at my sister's house out of town for Easter. The "worker demanded we have her back on a specific day. My sister has durable power of attorney for both medical and financial. The "worker" said it was just a piece of paper and my mom could write out a piece of paper rescinding it. But my mom wrote it before her stroke. What to do???????

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