My husband is so upset about the president elect. Anyone else have this problem?

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Please don;t get into politics. (How would you feel if it were Hillary?) But my husband had a great time disliking and insulting the candidate, and I reassured him that "our" candidate would win. Obviously I was wrong!

Now he talks about what country we should move to, and about what will happen to our cats! I discourage him from watching the news, but he insists on it sometimes. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?


Any chance the TV could "go on the fritz" for a few days? Throw a breaker maybe?
I went off the grid Tuesday night. This is the only online site, I've gone to. I need time to regroup. I suppose it's like the phases Denial, Isolation (I'm still here.),Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. I'm trying to figure out what life lesson I can take away from this. We have to lean on each other for support and PRAY.

Oh, an inspiring saying by Eleanor Roosevelt is "It's better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness."
Turn on some encouraging music....
"Same Power"

I can see waters ragin' at my feet
I can feel the breath of those surroundin' me
I can hear the sound of nations risin' up
We will not be overtaken, we will not be overcome
I can walk down this dark & painful road
I can face every fear of the unknown
I can hear all God's children singin' out
We will not be overtaken, we will not be overcome

We have hope, that His promises are true
In His strength, there is nothin' we can't do
Yes, we know, there are greater things in store
We will not be overtaken, we will not be overcome!

Canada, New Zealand, all good countries to move to.
I am looking for my safety pin to pin to my clothes (like a brooch) when I go out. It is a symbol that we stand with all the people who are feeling disenfranchised.
Jinx, to give your husband peace of mind, the President cannot run amuck with power as President. Any projects the President wants to have done has to go through Congress, and that could take a long time....

- First a member of the House or the Senate needs to write up legislation for whatever idea they have. Next the legislation need to be introduced to the House or the Senate. Then the legislation is assigned a Bill #, and the Bill is sent to the Government printing office and copies are made.

- Next the Bill is referred to the appropriate Committee. A Bill could be sent to numerous Committees. A time limit is set. If the Bill is ignored, it dies. If the Bill survives the Committee, there are a lot of steps. Hearings are held. Subcommittees report their findings to the Committee. Still more steps.

- Now we have floor action in either the House or Senate, where ever the Bill was first introduced. Here comes the debates. Some we can watch on C-SPAN. Once the debates are done, then comes the Voting in lets say the House. If it is voted yes in the House by a certain number of members of the House, then the next step the Bill heads to the Senate where there is committees, hearings, debates, and voting.

- Now many months later, if at all, the President gets to see the Bill, and he either signs it into law or Veto. Now the Congress can over ride a Veto.

Whew, all part of checks and balances within our Government.
Put a child lock on all television channels reporting on the election.
SunnyGirl1 - but he so enjoys cursing at the darkness! lol.

We do try to distract him or change the channel to classic rock, etc. He's too functional to consent to being shielded from the news. Letting him have his way almost all the time is how I survive.

Probably I just wanted to hear someone else admit to being upset about the election. Thanks!
Jinx,your husband's certainly not alone, nor is his distress invalid or an overreaction. He joins the thousands of people who have taken to the streets to protest. I don't recall this many widespread protests since the Vietnam War.

Some people I know were also upset on Wednesay; some were in shock, and as your husband, some (including me) considered leaving the country. I still am, but my father is here and it would be too disorienting to move him to another country. However, that doesn't mean that I'm not going to research the idea.

I've consoled myself with a few possibilities:

1. Some political followers are speculating that all the racist and sexist ranting was to appeal to specific groups/classes of people, tapping into the bigotry, etc. and leveraging it to gain votes.

Some have also queried and wondered whether, if this was merely a political ploy, what those groups will do if he changes his tactics after he's sworn in. What they would do is turn against him, and likely guarantee that a second term is unlikely.

2. If he does proceed with his attempts to disenfranchise or harass specific groups, he might be flirting with civil rights violations. And he might also be courting an impeachment movement.

Remember when Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment?

3. There are other possibilities, that he might actually carry out his hatred and bigotry through legislative attempts. Or he might alienate friendly countries and allies to the point that he pushes the US to stand alone on international issues and cooperation.

Those to me are the worse case scenarios. If he does, go down those rocky paths, I suspect that civil rights groups may join together and sue to enjoin him from violating existing laws, and probably more causes of action that I haven't even thought about.

Still, I won't deny that I felt sick all day Wednesday and still do every time I think about how deep this nation could sink if he does carry out his threats.

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