My husband is awesome!

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Last night my husband made us all a special treat. He made strawberries dipped in dark chocolate drizzled with white, filled with dark chocolate truffle and he also dipped them in white chocolate drizzled with dark. Yum Yum Yum!


Sounds so good!!!!!
It was, it is so nice having a husband who can cook. I don't do to bad myself, but if you had tried something of mine when we were first married you would run for the hills screaming.
Hahaha! Same with me! My husband is a way better cook than me and he likes to do it. Me, I hate to cook. But over the years I have learned some of his skills so no one has to run away screaming.
Keep Him and cover Him with Hugs and Kisses and Many Blessings:)
Mine brings me coffee on Sunday morning, just the way I like it, but, he cannot boil water; it's OK. We are Blessed!
Christina xo
That is me as well. It's been a long time since I had a cooking disaster. He's been cooking since he was just little. He was cooking when we first got married, but he changed to construction because the pay was better. After 10+ years in construction he is back to cooking and loving it. The worst thing I ever cooked was on our first night in our first place as a couple. He had gone to work and I was going to make him supper. I had never made supper in my life. I made a "casserole". I took everything I could find and through it in a big pot. Ramen Noodles, rice, cheese slices, canned tuna fish,a whole bunch of fresh veggies, seasonings of all kinds. To his credit he came home from working at the four star restaurant where he was employed(I say that because can you imagine the yummy smells before he got home?), tried my stuff, had seconds, and said it was delicious. The whole while I'm trying to choke it down. He said I did all right, but maybe he could give me some pointers. That night he asked how much experience I had in the kitchen. I told him I had never cooked anything, ever. I could bake, oh boy could I bake, but put actual food together? The next morning before he left for work he gave me a recipe and instructions for supper. I found that if I had a recipe I could make most anything.
Suspiciously, my mother gave me my first cookbook that year for my

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