Husband had knee surgery.

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It's been h*ll, I love him but he barks at me I dont like to be barked at all.
And after 5 weeks things r looking up so for all u who r worrying it wont get better but it will. I can attest its very very difficult but everyday gets better and it was not pretty but u will survive.


Hang in there Karen. Take a Spa Day, you have earned it.
thank u
Hi Karen,

Maybe he’s irritated because of the pain. Try to understand him and be more patient. Just hang in there and all will be well.

Anyway, how’s your husband? What type of knee surgery did he undergo?

My father also had knee replacement surgery last year but he did it in Mexico because we can’t afford to pay $49,000 at a local hospital here in our country. We were very thankful because the surgery turned out okay. These medical centers were our options: placidway/cost-searchlist/Mexico,Knee_Replacement_Total_or_Partial,Orthopedic/Knee_Surgery/

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