My husband fell and doctors said his next step is assisted living.

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It's been so long since I have written. Husband fell Sunday 3 am and hurt his ribs and leg pretty bad. Saw the Dr today, he says his next step is assisted living as I can't keep doing this very long. He is 6'l and I am 5'2". VA grant wants to come in and remodel this 2 story home to make an elevator - for 6 weeks. Don't know whether to just wait, or move to a 1 story home. Only God to help - no family.


hard to know what the doc is thinking but he should have the resources to find you some help in the home if thats what you desire. i dont see how disrupting your home would benefit either of you. hospice is helping in our home and we were told that they had a roster of people willing to provide additional services at 15 bucks an hour. perhaps rearrange your home as if there is no upstairs? donno, just trying to be helpful..
It depends on how interested you truly are in moving. Some folks w/ a large house just move all living-quarters to the first floor to make things manageable. So, they are in effect moving to a smaller space but they do not have to change address info, do the major tossing out of extra things immediately, etc. It can be worked on over time, to possibly prepare for a move to a nursing home if need be. Talk with a remodeling specialist to convert the first floor as an idea.
I took care of my father for two years until he passed away. He had a three story home. We converted the dining room into a bedroom. Their days of entertaining were over at this point. Your doctor can order "visiting" nurses to come in. If he won't help you, get on the phone and call the local hospital. You will get directed to someone who can give you some information. Also, look up your Human Resources Agency and call them. There are organizations that will come to the house. It depends on your financial abilities. Some are paid for by medicare. My mother is living with me and she has visiting nurses and physical therapy coming to our house. I can also get a nurse's aid to come in. Where do you live? I could look up some information for you....

Do any vet programs cover the cost of home health care?

The Aid and Attendance and Housebound Pension is available in the home provided all eligibility criteria is met. The pension can pay for the care in the home, assisted living, independent living, and nursing homes.

If your husband is a can get help from the VA

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