My husband called me trash and threatened to walk.

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Last night I told my husband I would not make a beer run for him. I thought the roof was coming off. He said give me my 10 dollars so I did and he threw it down and said I called his bluff. He wants to get a lawyer and take all his money from me and he said then see how long you will last. He called me Mommy some trying to get a rise out of me. There is more but don't have time. What can I legally do to get him removed now. I was very scared. This starts around 3pm or earlier if he wants a beer and I won't go. Can someone help with advice now!


Tara, this called sundowning. Call his doctor today. Is he on any meds for mood, depression? You prob want to get him to a geriatrician or geriatric psychiatrist to get him evaluated for medication.

Others will have advice about what to say. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this.
Yes, I would call his doctor and tell him what's going on. See if he will recommend a psychiatric hospital where he can be admitted to have him evaluated and get his medication regulated. Will he agree to go? Speak with him in the morning time about it.

If he refuses, then I would pursue getting a court order for having him involuntarily admitted for this purpose. See if his doctor will sign off on it. Does the doctor want him to be taken to the ER? See what advice he will give. Have his actions been enough to have this procedure done?

Call 911 to protect yourself if necessary.

I would also see a Family Law lawyer to protect your financial interests. You need to be able to protect the marital assets.
Tara, it's beyond me why you are putting up with this. You seem to be spending your time reacting to his outbursts rather than proactively planning for your own mental health and future. Some things to consider...

If he somehow went ahead and divorced you, you would be entitled to your half of the assets, and you could still be part of his life.

If he becomes physically violent with you and injures you he will go to a locked psych ward and you will be unable to advocate for him while you (hopefully) recover.

If he was in an appropriate care facility you would be able to spend time with him in the mornings when he is his sweet old self, and leave the demon that Sun-downing brings out to staff.

CWillie is right. You need a plan of action rather than having a knee jerk reaction to each outbursts. You can't live that way. It's not safe. If you don't feel you can do it, someone else can. There is no shame in asking for help.
Doctor wrote Seroquel for him. Just have to pick it up. Did go to the Sherriff's office this am in case I have to call them. Did get him a beer just so we wouldn't have a major battle. That will be the last one. I just wasn't strong enough to say no today. maybe the new drug will help.
I have my car keys on me at all times and my wallet. All have to do is call 911.
Cwillie and SunnyGirl make very good observations. From the numerous posts you've made, it seems that despite excellent advice, repeatedly, you're still in a situation of reacting and asking for repeated advice instead of moving forward.

You admit you're weren't strong enough to refuse getting a beer for. That is part of the problem. As long as you don't have that strength, this situation is going to continue.

Perhaps you should consider getting some therapy, including that for emotionally battered women. It's time to move forward, if you really want to find solutions for this unhealthy situation. Or else accept that this is going to be a problem until something more drastic happens, such as when he broke open the gun safe.
Make sure he gets that seroquel pill.....even if it is ground into pudding or ice cream! Please take care of yourself!!!!!
And if Seroquel isn't doing the trick in a week or so, GO BACK TO THE DOCTOR! There are other meds to try for him.

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