How to send a private message...I think.

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I'm new but I hope I have this right. If not, someone please correct me.
1. click on the person's name and this brings up their page.
2, Look under the name ... scroll down where you see "send a message.
3. There is a little box on the righthand corner to check to make it a private message. it says "private message".
4. You write you message and send. You should see it in green if it is private.
5. If not, you can delete the message and try again if you do so right away?

I think that's it. I did a search and could not find "how to send a private message.

Anyone who can help us newbies here, thank you.

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You got it right! Just make sure you click on "private message" before you start typing as it's easy to forget to do so afterwards.

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