Any advice on how to keep mom from leaving the house and wandering to find her other house which does not exist. Locked all doors.

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My husband's grandmother had a security screen door put on. It had a key lock so his grandfather couldn't get out without her knowing.
I sympathize knowing so well the sleepless nights your going through? I went through that w/my mother after her brain surgery.
First make sure the patient wears a ID bracelet w/your address & phone number on it in case she/he does succeed in getting out of your house & wanders on the street, The police or neighbor can contact you when found.
Also move a couch or dresser/table in front of the door...Most likely she is in a weaken state that can't move furniture? put a few pots & pans on top & if she still tries to move it off? BANG...your awake to stop her! This is more prevention then just locking the door...Mom may be not thinking clearly but not dead & can still unlock a door! Good luck!
My mom knew how to unlock the door. My dad installed that slide latch lock on top and on the bottom of the 2 main exit doors. She may do the top, but she couldn't with the bottom one.
Grandma had the lock where you had to have a key on either side and Grampa didn't have access to it so no chance of him getting out.
Thanks friends. I block the doors with furniture and a cow bell for noise. She gets frantic to leave. Im just at my wits end! can anyone tell me how long these last? If you say forever im going to cry. lol..tonio
Is she worse at night? If so she probably has sundowners syndrome. Try 25 mg of benadryl. Its the pm part of tylenol pm. If this doesn't work talk to Dr.
Just a note on mrsribit's advice ... benadryl is not advisable for persons with lewy body dementia or Parkinson's with dementia. If you are not sure what kind of dementia your loved one has, it might be good to discuss OTC medications with the doctor before experimenting. (Wandering is most associated with Alz and I think benadryl is OK for that ... but again, it is safest to discuss OTC meds with doctor first.)

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