I wish I knew how to add updates on my mom without having to ask a new question all the time.

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I hate to keep posting new updates here instead of being able to update a question or post that I already have. Does anyone know how to do that?


When you read the answers on the forum page - not on your news feed - you use the box at he bottom (share your answer) to post your replies to that thread (like I am doing right now). I might add that if you are only accessing your answers through your news feed you are only seeing the most recent post, which may not include everything that has been written

coralmae, I see you have written a lot of comments on several threads, I'm confused about why you can't continue what you have already been doing??
The problem is that I can't find the threads. So it makes it difficult.
Go to your profile page and click the "Activity" button. Then click the thread you want to post to.
Coral, do you remember the names of some of the threads? I use the "Search" feature to find previous threads I've posted on, if I don't know how else to find them. I put in a few words that are in the title of the thread and it comes up with options. The search feature is in the three horizontal lines thingy at the top left of the AC page, just left of where it says "AgingCare.com" in the blue bar. You click on those three horizontal lines and a drop down menu appears. "Search" is one of the features under there.

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