How long have you been a caregiver?

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I was wondering how many years or how long you’ve been a caregiver? Sorry if this question already have been asked.


Nine years for my dad (he died in 2009) and 13 years for my mom, who is 94 and still going strong.
My loving mother first showed signs of dementia in 1972, husband in 1978.
5yrs mum was only diagnosed last year but she was showing signs a longtime ago maybe ten years doc said depression i think she had depression its when she started to do dangerous things i knew something wasnt right! Mum has been ill since i was 4yrs old though so shes always been ill?
Blannie youre an angel to have to cope with this twice! Hugs to you! I dont know if i could?
Sorry i meant Blannie and brandywine!
My parents are in their 90's and I have been their "driver" for the past 5 years.... sounds like an easy assignment but I am now terrified of driving because of the stress of having this responsibly.
4 yr 7 mo 13 days and some few hours -- not that I'm counting.
FF stress can mess you up i havnt driven in over a year i was finding it too stressful then my car was written off so no car its not good for me not to be driving but right now ive no choice and pray to god i get driving again have lost 20yrs no claims insurance also!
I was about age 23 or 24 when mom was diagnosed with dementia. I stayed home to help dad with her. I was secondary caregiver for about 24 years. Then dad had a stroke and is now bedridden. That was about 2 years ago. One year of that, I was main caregiver for 2 bedridden parents and still maintain a full time job. I 'hired' oldest sis to help 'babysit' the parents while I was at work -Monday to Fridays. (Sis doesn't do pampers and is off on weekends.) I took over after work and weekends. December 2012, my therapist said that the rate I was going, I would either die from exhaustion or land in the hospital. I was working full time, then changing both bedridden parents pampers by myself, suctioning mom's trache almost every 15 minutes (or she would choke on her phlegm) - even throughout the night. Sometimes, I was so tired, dad had to yell my name to wake me up. Mom was seriously choking and all purple.

Mom passed away last year. My caregiving is so easy since then. I'm doing fine. I told this to my case worker 2 weeks ago. She gave me a 2-page questionaire. She said that based on the results - I am very stressed out. What do I have to say about that? Oh....
About a year and a half for my mother who has dementia (my brother's family and my family took over after my father passed away) and 7 years for my son who has Type 1 Diabetes (diagnosed at age 2).

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