How long have you been a caregiver?

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I have been caring for my mom for 11 years.


My parents are in their 90's and still living on their own at their single family home.... I've been their "driver" for 5 years and that has worn me to a frazzle... I am scared silly what few months might bring.

I am hoping I can convince my parents to move to a retirement community where they will be safer [too many stairs in their house], and they can get quick medical attention if they need it.
My mother has had this dementia/out of control thing since 1972. Gradually got worse. Now she is in a NH.
Hi Pixiegirl!

I cared for my sweet father in my home for 5 years. Then he was in a NH for 6 months. He died a year ago.
I help my mom take care of her mom xD, she’s been a caregiver of my grandmother for 6 years now.
Too long!
assandache7....I sense you get why I asked this question. LOL
4 years 5 months and 3 days plus a few hours. :)
For those of you that have been a caregiver for a long time, how much longer do you think you can keep at it?
Six years, one day, and about fifteen hours....but who's counting, right JessieB?

How much longer? I have NO idea. If someone told me six years ago that t'd still be at it six years later I probably would have reacted like that bad actress in every horror flick...the one who's about to be the first one to die and just realized the monster's right behind her. Yet, here I am.
Coming up on three years. I'm doing fine most of the time, thanks to this website and all of my AC friends out there. And mom, you might ask? She is doing great! She's happy, safe comfortable and loved, in spite of herself sometimes.

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