How do you cope, with all this, with laughter?

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My Grandma had a stroke at the age of 100. After she came home from the hospital for hours she would say, "I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead." It would drive a person crazy. I would tell her she wasn't dead, she was here with me, trying to comfort her, nothing worked. She lived beside a funeral home for 60 years and knew the owner, whose name was Don, well for those years. One morning she started the "I'm dead" thing so I asked her if she wanted me to call Don and have him pick up her body. She said, "yes, I believe so." I said ok, that I would do that but first would she like a bit to eat before she went. She looked at me and said, "I believe I will have a little to eat before I go."



Now that's funny. You're a jewel, mdkm.
Here's another one. One morning my Mom came to exchange places for the week, me one week, my Mom the next. She went into the kitchen and made Grandma a bowl of oats with raisins, I took them to her. Grandma looked into the bowl and said, "I can't eat this, it has bugs in it." I said, "Grandma, those are special bugs, they are super sweet and they will make you have tons of energy." She looked up at me with a puzzled look and said, "Well, ok, if you say so, the good Lord knows I need some energy, I try it." She ate the entire bowl.
I wish others would share their funny moments.
I thought about this one. My same Grandma, from above, is now 101 years old and it's 1999. She has had several mini-strokes and was now bed-fast in a hospital bed. Two dozen times, in the course of the first year, I told her I had pets but with stroke victims they loose their short term memory. One day my Chow-Chow walked by her bed. She immediately said, "Hey, there is a bear in here, it's going to poop all over the house!" (Notice she wasn't worried about us being injured or killed by the bear, she was only interested in it pooping). Instead of telling her once again that it was my dog I replied, "Oh good, I'll save the poop for your garden." She then said, "Well, I never heard what bear poop will do for the soil." She didn't hardly get those words out of her mouth when my cat walked by. Grandma shouted, "Now, there goes a bunny rabbit and it's going to poop all over the house, too! But save that poop, I heard it's good for the garden."
Let's see. Something funny my mother did --

One day she picked up the telephone, pointed the receiver into the room, and punched a couple of numbers. Nothing. So she punched them again. And again. Nothing happened. "I can't get this thing to work," she said. "I'm trying to get it on the game show network."

That was 6 years ago. I think it's the last funny thing she did. :-)
My mom and dad both use walkers, one day I asked them if they were having walker races, dad said no need because he'd probably forget what to do if he caught her!
I think this is the last one about my grandma.

This was during the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky grand jury. My Grandma was a hard-headed Republican who never had anything good to say about a Democrat, (we all know one, perhaps the other way around). She would have been watching the proceedings if she had her mind, so, I had the TV on for her.

This was the day President Clinton was testifying and it was a hard day for him. I walked by my Grandma and she said, "Miss, when am I going to have a chance to speak up for him."

Playing the role, I said,"Mrs. Davis, he's a Democrat, why would you want to say anything good about him?"

Grandma said, "Well, it seems he's having a bad day and everyone is talking bad about him and I thought I needed to get up and say something positive, to speak up for him because no one else is."

I then said, "Well, if you really want to do that, please wait until the proceedings are over and I'll ask the judge if you can speak, just remain in your seat."

I looked down at my Grandma and she had a big smile on her face and said, "Ok, I'll wait right here." And there she sat for the rest of the day.
Thanks for the smiles this morning.
I wish I had the ability to find the humour in life, I'm just one of those who plod along with grim determination. I can remember I used to laugh when mom got herself muddled up and she'd say It's Not Funny. No, it really isn't.
My Grandma was a great storyteller, she was the kind of person who just kept talking and talking and telling her tales. The kind of person you had to back out of the door to leave because she kept talking.

One item she used to tell that made people laugh was one about that funeral home that was mentioned above.

It was a wake for a lady's husband. Someone walked up to her and said, "Mrs. Johnson, I'm so sorry about your husband passing, what did he die of?

Mrs. Johnson, with a sad, slow southern drawl said, "Well, he died from Hemorrhoids of the brain."
cwillie, so what would you say to your Mom when she walked to breakfast with both her nightgown and her clothes on from the day before? Yes, I said many times, hey Mom you got clothes and your nightgown on, it seemed to make her sad. So, now I say to her "You look fabulous with your style, you look like a model on a fashion show runway. Now, that puts a smile on her face!

My Grand-daughter, who has just learned to use the bathroom needs a little help at night, (she just turned 3) just in case. One day she was helping me get Mom ready for bed asked me what Mom was wearing for underwear. I told her, Mom was just like her, she wears pull-ups. So, from then on that's what we call them.
A few months ago, my Mom and I went to my Step-Father's Grand-daughter's wedding. It was a large gala affair with dinner and dancing. While driving home from the wedding my Mom said, "It was nice that everyone came to my birthday party." I said yes, it was nice, did you have a nice time? She said, "Oh, yes! I didn't expect that many people would come and everyone was dressed up with tuxes and long gowns!"

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