How can I donate to Hospice of The Valley-Youngstown?

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Emails and calls goes unanswered. A close friend and coworker recently lost her Mom, who was cared for with excellent care from Hospice of the Valley in Youngstown, Ohio. A group of coworkers/friends would like to donate specifically to this center, but we aren't sure what the procedure is. I've left a voice mail (Monday) no answer, I sent an email Saturday, no reply. Anyone have any info? thanks for your help


If you go to their website, there is a tab for 'Donate Now' which takes you to a page with three different fundraising programs - presumably one of them is for grateful families, I haven't checked. Website is "hospiceofthevalleydotcom," and thanks to Mrs Google for the information not me.

I'm always in two minds about organisations that don't respond to enquiries - is it good news, because they're too busy doing what their real job is, or bad news because they're rude so-and-sos who don't want your donation??? But since charity is the whole point of the exercise, I expect you'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
Thank you very much!
If you can't contact them by phone I wouldn't donate online. If you r explaining why the call and in the email someone should contact you no later than 48hrs. Call again and tell them you need info and I bet they call back.

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